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Builders: Financially managing your building projects

Once the building work has been won and you have been appointed on the project, the PRO section of the ProntoCALC build cost calculator allows you to financially manage the entire build process and budget.  ProntoCALC removes the stress involved in financially planning a project and cuts out the probability of under-pricing the project. If
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Things to consider when calculating build costs and how to stick to budget

The process of estimating the cost of a build project will help you to plan out your build project. Using an online cost calculator will save you time and money, and assist with the management of the project, ensuring that you stay fully on top of the budget. The quality of materials you decide upon
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Homeowners – How to select THE best builder for your building project

There are no guarantees when it comes to selecting the right builder for your home renovation or self-build project. Taking on a building project can be a daunting process so homeowners need to give themselves the best chance of selecting the best builder for the job and one that knows how to work to the
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Managing build costs using ProntoCALC house build cost calculator

Online house build cost calculator ProntoCALC is one of the latest tools to become available to simplify the build cost estimation process for Builders, Developers, Homeowners, Architects and Self-Builders. The technology behind this valuable asset enables builders to financially manage and control the costs associated with all aspects of their construction projects, removing the risk
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ProntoCALC PRO Section now available to all Builders during free trial

ProntoCALC – The web-based build cost calculator designed for Builders, Architects and Homeowners are now offering access to the ProntoCALC PRO section, during the free trial period. The web-based build cost calculator, ProntoCALC allows the Builder to quickly and accurately produce a price for a project, and it hold all the Builder’s rates.  As the
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Managing profitable building projects using ProntoCALC PRO build cost calculator

Nick Cook, an experienced builder and founder of the online build cost calculator ProntoCALC, explains why he developed the PRO section of ProntoCALC to ensure project profitability and to manage projects more effectively. ProntoCALC has two sections, the first is where the build-cost calculations will produce the budget for your project. Contained within this section
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Rising raw materials costs hit building sector

Firms across the construction industry are bracing themselves for further cost pressures after reporting a rise in raw material prices despite growth across the industry during 2016 Q4. According to the latest industry survey from the Construction Products Association (CPA), the building sector is being hit by the rising cost of raw materials and a
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More affordable housing promised in Government White Paper

ProntoCALC News: The white paper “Fixing our broken housing market” sets out a broad range of reforms that government plans to introduce to help reform the housing market and increase the supply of new homes. The new housing strategy for England includes giving councils powers to pressurise developers to start building on land they own.
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5 reasons why the average Builder should change to the ProntoCALC build cost calculator

Nick Cook, an experienced builder and founder of the online build cost calculator ProntoCALC, explains why the UK’s average aged builder (aged 54 years) may need to change his ways and rethink his approach to adapting to today’s modern technology. If you are one of the UK’s average aged Builders, it’s highly likely that you