ProntoCALC is a web-based build cost calculator designed by an experienced Builder for Builders to use to price and win more work.

Even Builders who know their trade like the back of their hands can sometimes struggle to produce accurate, work-winning estimates. If you are an experienced Builder who is pricing up works to the value of around £750,000, you will no doubt be spending lots of time pricing up jobs that you just don’t win.  If you find it hard to balance your years of experience of managing successful building projects with using fast-paced technology, then ProntoCALC is just for you.


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Builders spend time pricing work that they don’t win.  Omission and variation errors can add up to thousands of pounds.  The systematic function of ProntoCALC eliminates that completely, and allows you to produce winning quotations. It also gives your client the reassurance that you understand the job, your estimate is accurate and you have covered every detail.

ProntoCALC allows you to price all elements of the building works and it holds all your rates, which means that you can quickly and accurately produce detailed quotes. Once you have won the work and are appointed on the project, you can financially manage the entire build process and budget.  ProntoCALC removes the stress involved in financially planning a project and cuts out the probability of under-pricing the project.


Features and benefits for Builders:

  • A system designed by an experienced builder
  • Quick & accurate quoting system
  • Reports showcasing full aspect of the build
  • Money & time saving
  • Clients have access to all elements of the build
  • Monthly records showing all costs & labour
  • Expenditure tracking
  • Daily itemised tracking of materials, labour and costs
  • ProntoCALC PRO – Risk Assessments, Health and Safety Policy and Bill of Quantity items.


Let’s work together:

Sign up for a free 15-day trial on the standard build cost management package. This includes project detail management, client management, rates management and quote generation.


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ProntoCALC – the easy to use, web-based build cost calculator designed for Builders, enabling you to save time and money by providing professional quotes and estimates and a clear understanding of the budget.