Case study: From barn to bespoke luxury 

We talk a lot about the benefits of ProntoCalc, and it’s time to see it in action. 

In this case study, we’re walking you through the transformation of a traditional barn into two luxury dwellings. This project demonstrates how ProntoCalc can facilitate seamless project management and provide financial transparency throughout the process. The client, an overseas resident, entrusted us with the design and build of their dream property, with an original budget set at £500,000.

Client’s vision: adapting to change

Early in the construction phase, our client requested a change of design, opting for a single, grand dwelling instead of two separate units. 

Additionally, the client envisioned the addition of a stone and slate double garage, along with extensive external works including pathways, patios, lawns, and a driveway. These modifications also involved burying an oil storage tank and installing a new water treatment plant with a land drain system.

Traditionally, a change of this magnitude after the initial estimate has been produced, can cause a lot of additional admin, complexities – and miscommunication. With ProntoCalc however, the change was implemented seamlessly, causing minimal disruption, and mitigating any potential (or costly) errors. With both the client and builder having instant and constant access to a digitally generated, reliable estimate, the project was able to move forward without friction – thanks to the financial clarity and real-time project management that the app provided. 

Transparent financial reporting: ProntoCalc in action

As the scope of the project evolved, it was crucial to keep our client informed about the financial implications of these changes. ProntoCalc became our go-to tool for transparent financial reporting. Daily build costs were meticulously recorded and updated, allowing us to provide the client with regular financial updates via email. ProntoCalc’s variation pages also enabled us to seamlessly incorporate new design elements into the project in an instant, tracking labour time and materials with precision – and ensuring a verified paper trail. 

Enabling client collaboration: clarity and accountability

One of ProntoCalc’s standout features is its ability to foster client collaboration. During this project the platform gave the client complete access, we provided them with full visibility into project finances and progress. They could review budget updates, track expenditures, and gain insights into the project’s financial health at all times. This transparency not only instilled confidence in our client but also facilitated open communication and informed decision-making throughout the project.

Results: exceeding expectations

Despite the adjustments to the original scope, ProntoCalc empowered the team to navigate the project efficiently and effectively. The final budget to completion amounted to £703,000, which accurately reflected the additional scope of work. 

Despite this being over the initial planned budget, the investment proved worthwhile, as the property sold for an impressive £1,725,000 upon completion. This remarkable success highlights the value of transparent financial management and the power of collaborative client engagement – all facilitated by ProntoCalc.

Unlocking success with ProntoCalc

This barn conversion project exemplifies the transformative impact of ProntoCalc on construction management. By embracing change, leveraging transparent financial reporting, and fostering client collaboration, we not only met but exceeded our client’s expectations. 

ProntoCalc emerged as an indispensable tool, enabling us to navigate complexities, track costs, and ultimately deliver a project that surpassed all benchmarks of success – and ensured our team, and suppliers were paid in full and on time. 

As we continue to innovate and adapt in the construction industry, ProntoCalc remains a trusted tool in achieving excellence and exceeding client aspirations.

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