Revolutionising construction management: The power of ProntoCalc

In construction, the path to success is often fraught with challenges. From poor pricing practices to inadequate cost management, the pitfalls can add up, leading to project failures and financial stress. 

At ProntoCalc, we recognise these challenges and have developed a solution that transforms the way contractors approach pricing and project management. Here’s how builders can leverage the platform to boost profits and keep clients very happy… 

The pitfalls of poor pricing:

Traditional pricing methods, such as using square meterage sums, often result in project ambiguity and cost uncertainty. This lack of detail makes the true costs of a project unknown, making it impossible for contractors to effectively manage finances and keep clients on side. While this approach may yield cheaper tenders, it’s akin to guesswork and exposes projects to significant risks.

The need for detailed cost management:

Any successful building project hinges on having a comprehensive schedule of costs that outlines the value of every item within the build. This transparency not only allows contractors and clients to understand what’s included in the project but also enables effective management of design changes. With a clear breakdown of costs, added or omitted items can be managed against the original budget, mitigating financial risks.

ProntoCalc: empowering success through precision:

Enter ProntoCalc, a game-changing pricing and management system designed to address these inherent risks. By providing detailed information crucial for project success, ProntoCalc equips contractors with the tools they need to deliver exceptional results. Most impressively, projects can be priced in under 2 hours, while daily management tasks take just 10 minutes, saving valuable time and resources.

Transparency and collaboration:

ProntoCalc enables transparency and collaboration throughout the project lifecycle. Contractors can easily share project information with clients, architects, and subcontractors, ensuring everyone is on the same page. This seamless communication streamlines decision-making processes and builds trust among project stakeholders.

Unlocking efficiency and boosting profits:

With ProntoCalc, contractors can bid confidently on projects, knowing they have a clear understanding of costs and risks. By embracing detailed cost management, contractors can identify areas for optimisation and maximise profitability. With projects managed efficiently and transparently, contractors can focus on delivering high-quality results, ultimately enhancing their reputation, and attracting new opportunities.


ProntoCalc stands as a beacon of innovation in the construction industry, offering a transformative solution to the age-old challenges of poor pricing and cost management. 

By providing detailed insights, streamlining processes, and fostering collaboration, ProntoCalc gives contractors the tools they need to achieve better success. As the industry continues to evolve, ProntoCalc remains steadfast in its mission to transform construction management and unlock new possibilities for contractors worldwide.

Want to know more? ProntoCalc founder, Nick has been a builder for over 30 years, you can ask him anything here

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