Real success stories: empowering builders with ProntoCalc:

Builders face many challenges. From accurately pricing projects to effectively managing day-to-day costs, the stress and mismanagement of admin can cause delays, confusion, and unnecessary friction. 

Here at ProntoCalc, we are committed to empowering builders with the tools they need to be successful. The following stories are real-life user experiences, showcasing the transformative impact ProntoCalc has had on their businesses, paving the way for increased profits, streamlined processes, and lucrative success.

AJ: expanding horizons with confidence

At 35 years old and based in Warwickshire, AJ, is a carpenter specialising in small building works. Faced with the challenge of expanding his business’s scope while grappling with limited pricing experience, AJ needed a tool that gave him the confidence and ability to compete for larger projects. 

With ProntoCalc’s pricing service, AJ gained the confidence to tackle larger projects, leading to wins totalling around £145,000. As he embarks on his first project, ProntoCalc’s intuitive platform will enable him to manage day-to-day costs effectively, laying the foundation for continued growth and success.

MC: from profitable projects to business transformation

In Northamptonshire, 55-year-old MC, an experienced general builder, sought to formalise his pricing method to ensure all project items were included. ProntoCalc proved to be the solution he needed, catapulting his business into profit, and expanding the scope of works from £120,000 to an impressive £550,000

With ProntoCalc, MC’s business and personal finances have undergone a remarkable transformation, setting the stage for sustained success and growth.

DH: saving time and boosting profits

For DH, a 50-year-old builder of extensions in Oxfordshire, time was of the essence. With memories of his father spending countless hours pricing work, DH sought a better way to do business – and life. 

ProntoCalc not only saved him valuable time but also enabled him to expand the scope of his projects and increase business profits. By embracing ProntoCalc, DH liberated himself from the shackles of time-consuming pricing methods, allowing him to focus on what truly matters: delivering exceptional results for his clients.

GH: efficiency redefined for award-Winning excellence

In Lincolnshire, 35-year-old GH, an award-winning builder, experienced first-hand the next-level efficiency that ProntoCalc provides. What would have taken him 15 hours to price previously, GH accomplished in just over 2 hours with ProntoCalc. 

Armed with this newfound efficiency, GH confidently pursues projects worth approximately £450,000, winning contracts and effectively managing costs at the tap of a button. ProntoCalc has become his secret weapon for achieving excellence in every project.

JA: bridging the gap between client and builder

Across the Irish Sea in Co. Laois, Republic of Ireland, 45-year-old JA, a quantity surveyor, relies on ProntoCalc to streamline the pricing and management of building projects for his clients. 

ProntoCalc’s quick and simple format ensures clear communication between clients and builders, fostering transparency and understanding. With ProntoCalc, JA bridges the gap between client expectations and builder capabilities, delivering successful projects time and time again. Since first using the app, he’s never looked back. 

NC: transforming business profitability with ProntoCalc

In Northamptonshire, 65-year-old NC, an experienced builder managing projects worth approximately £750,000, credits ProntoCalc with transforming his business profitability. 

With ProntoCalc’s robust records and cost management capabilities, NC is able to clearly demonstrate the true value of his work to clients, leading to increased trust and satisfaction. ProntoCalc has become an indispensable tool in NC’s arsenal, propelling his business to new, and continued, heights of success.

Ready to unleash your potential with ProntoCalc?

These real-world stories exemplify how easy it is to reap the benefits of ProntoCalc. From saving time and increasing profitability to enabling transparent communication and streamlining processes, ProntoCalc empowers builders to unlock their full potential and boost their profits. 

Join the ranks of builders who have embraced ProntoCalc and discover the difference it can make for your business. With ProntoCalc, the possibilities are endless.

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