Unwrapping efficient project management for builders with ProntoCalc 

As the New Year approaches, builders and construction professionals are gearing up for a time of reflection, celebration, and strategic planning for a profitable year ahead. If you’re a builder looking to settle into a bit of festive cheer this season, now is the perfect time of year to unwrap the gift of efficiency in your business. 

In this blog, we’ll explore how ProntoCalc’s innovative methodology not only simplifies pricing and project management, but also makes it possible to understand your costs, enhance profitability, and seamlessly communicate changes to clients.

ProntoCalc’s methodology: making the impossible possible

  • Accurate pricing for any project size:

Builders, imagine a world where pricing projects accurately is not only possible but also effortless. ProntoCalc’s process is a simple and straightforward data entry system that ensures you can price projects of any size in an instant – and all with minimal admin, hassle, or complexity. Giving you the confidence to bid competitively and win more projects. 

  • Understanding your costs and profitability:

The key to sustainable business growth lies in understanding your costs and maximising profitability. ProntoCalc gives you a clear view of what you need for a project, how much it costs and where resources need to be allocated. By adopting this simple-to-use tool, you gain a clear understanding of what your project involves all saved in one clear and concise document, enabling strategic decision-making that directly impacts your bottom line.

  • Effortless reporting on design changes:

‘Tis the season for change, and in building projects, design alterations are par for the course. With ProntoCalc, reporting the costs of design changes becomes a seamless process. No more wrestling with complex spreadsheets or frustrating correspondence, with ProntoCalc everything is clear and transparent. Ensuring that everyone, from your team to your end customer, is on the same page from the outset and throughout. This allows you to communicate changes to clients with clarity, ensuring transparency and trust throughout the project.

  • Detailed records of executed works:

ProntoCalc goes beyond the initial stages of a project; it becomes your reliable record-keeper for executed works. As you wrap up each phase, ProntoCalc meticulously documents the details. This feature not only enhances your accountability and ensures you get paid for the work you do, but also serves as a valuable resource for future projects, providing a comprehensive overview of your portfolio.

The gift that keeps on giving: sign up for ProntoCalc’s 14-Day free trial

As you embrace the festive spirit, why not gift your construction business the power of ProntoCalc? Our web-based build cost calculator is not just a tool; it’s a game-changer. 

Designed by the industry to work harder for the industry, ProntoCalc is breaking down cognitive barriers, simplifying processes, and ensuring you get paid for the work you do –essentially, it’s the ultimate gift to your business, so why not give it a go?

Want to know more? ProntoCalc founder Nick has been a builder for over 30 years and is dedicated to helping builders like himself get access to the tools and methodology they need to make their day-to-day work easier, and more profitable – feel free to ask him anything

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